esca beacon
esca beacon

All encompassing.

More than a beautiful work of technology, esca is an entirely new way to deploy, manage, and analyze beacons.

Engineered from the inside out.

The incredibly efficient silicon chip and beautifully compact soft-touch housing is a marvel in and of itself. But that's not even half the story. Every single element of the esca platform, from the device firmware, to the secure cloud-based dashboard, has been designed from the inside out to work in perfect unison.

A stack of esca Beacons

One beacon.
Many possibilities.

esca beacons simultaneously broadcast both iBeacon and Eddystone protocols, allowing customers to deploy a single piece of hardware to perform multiple functions.

esca speaks Eddystone.

esca fully embraces Google's Physical Web, Proximity, and Nearby APIs. This means that esca beacons are already visible to millions of devices.

Even more, esca will quietly report battery life, temperature, and beacon vitality to the cloud
—that's powerful.

A row esca Beacons
An iPhone running the esca app next to an esca beaecon

iBeacon, too.

Using iBeacon, esca provides contextual data and push notifications to any app, even while in the background. And escaKit makes all of this remarkably easy to set up.

Backed by a magnificent cloud.

Not just a beacon, esca is a complete platform that encompasses both hardware and software. Easy to deploy and just as easy to manage—no Bluetooth expertise is necessary. All management can be done remotely through the cloud, or with an optional companion app.

The overview page of the esca dashboard